Gambia – A memorable country on account on its beautiful beaches, succulent landscape and exiting experiences on the River Gambia.

Pointe Atlantic is proud to be able to offer travels in this country that despite its small size is a great source of attraction. White sandy beaches as far as your eye can see make you want to lie down and get a tan, and invite to exotic experiences along the 500km long River Gambia.

Gambia was a part of the big colony of SeneGambia of which St. Louis was the capital. This colony was divided in 1779 when the French conquered the part which is now Senegal, and the English accepted to remain with an area of only 11 000sq km, the Gambia of today. From then on and for more than a hundred years Gambia was a part of the English colony Sierra Leone, and became a separate colony only in 1888. It was not until 1965 that Gambia was no more a colony, and it became fully independent in 1970 when Dawda Kairaba Jawara was elected president.
In 1994 Gambia suffered a military coup in which Yahya Jammeh seized power. He is still the country’s president, and has kept it in relative political stability.

Gambia is still also marked by the slave trade, and 25 km up the river Gambia, from Banjul, lays Juffureh, the home of Kunta Kinte – main character of Alex Haleys novel and TV-serial ‘Roots’. Here the slaves were rounded up, before being sent north to the slave island of Goreé just outside of Dakar, Senegal. From here the rout was set over the Atlantic ocean, at least for those who measured up to the physical standards.

Similar to Senegal the main industry is agriculture and cattle farming. With its coastline and the River Gambia fishing also constitutes an important part of the country’s production, although tourism is growing as one of Gambias most important sources of income.

The official language is English, and the most widespread local language is Mandinka. In addition to these there are almost 10 different ethnic groups, each with their own language, although most of these speak some Wolof.

The landscape of Gambia has small variations, what with the River Gambia and the green lush environment around it, the highest point is a modest 53 m. The climate is tropical.

Gambia has an estimated population of 1,4 million, of these approximately 90% are Muslim (Sunnites) while the remaining 10% are Christian or animists. The Islam practiced in Gambia is far from the fanatic or strict religious societies found other places, this is reflected in a liberal dress code and a style of living that is adjusted the modern society Gambia is.

Similarly to Senegal, Gambia has a rich and varied cultural life, in which music has a key role. In addition to traditional African music, Gambia also has produced a number of internationally recognized rap and reggae artists.

Pointe Atlantic gives you the possibility of exploring this country that despite its small size is rich on possibilities. We offer lazy days on the beach, as well as custom made round trips in Senegal/Gambia or the full Gambia experience on a boat trip up the River Gambia.