Thank you for showing your interest in our traveldestinations in West AfricaSenegal and Gambia. Wether you prefer organised roundtrips, your own specially tailored vacation, an activ holiday or lazy days on the beach – Pointe Atlantic has the trip for you.

Situated with HQ in Dakar, the capital of Senegal, our main strength is contact with the market. We know these two countries better than most, and have a range of experienced tour guides on hand. Our presence is your safety!

Flexibility is a key word in our business-philosophy, and this is easily attainable as we operate only with scheduled flights. This results in your possibility of freely choosing what day you want to depart and arrive, and gives you total freedom to create the holiday of your dreams. An entire list of all arrangements and possibilities Senegal and Gambia offers is unfortunately impossible to fit into this brochure, so contact us for more information. You can also find additional information on our web page –

If you are travelling as a group or if you are planning an incentive-trip for your business partners, we offer the possibility of tailoring a trip according to your needs and wishes.

If it is your wish to discover Africa, meet a fantastic and hospitable people, we give you this possibility without having to spend the better part of your trip in an airoplane.
After only eight hours in the air - including transit in either Brussels or Paris, you will be ready to enjoy sunny beaches or start your round trip to experience what West Africa has to offer of both nature and culture.

Welcome to West Africa!